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YoLink finger makes your garage SMART in Seconds

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Starter KIT

Start your smart home asap, FREE HUB and 40% OFF


Garage Door KIT

Shows the garage door OPEN or CLOSE, remote control it anywhere

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Super Long Range

Based on LoRa wireless communication technology, the communication range of YoLink Smart home is more than 1000 feet in open air, easily covering whole house/building.

Total solution

One Family One Hub One App, 8 categories of 20+ products to meet the intelligent requirements of every single family

Easy set-up

4 steps, Scan and play

Low power consumption

Patented low-power technology, more stringent than Energy Star, eg: YoLink Temperature & Humidity Sensor powered by 2 AAA battery for 5 years usage

24/7 Guard

Messages are pushed in real time and status logs are fully recorded to protect family and property safety


Smart Scene & Automation are linked to continuously improve the intelligence level through self-learning. For example: Automatically decide whether plants need watering according to the weather, intelligent water saving.

YoLink Skills

More skills, better service

27 / Aug

YoLink solutions offer long range, low power and fail-safe connectivity for a growing product line of smart home and community

18 / Aug

03 August 2020 / by Byron BeMiller In 2018, the U.S. made up 35 percent of the global smart home market, which is expected to grow

7 / May

  The YoLink product line quickly connects applications including doors, security systems, electrical outlets, and water piping to drive